Please provide us with the following detail about your complex and a copy of the latest financial statements if available.

  • Complex name
  • Complex address
  • Number of units
  • Simplex, Duplex or multiple floors (Block of flats)
  • Roof type, e.g. cement tiles, sink, harvey tiles, etc.
  • Wall finishing of units, e.g. paint finish, brick finish, etc.
  • Description of perimeter fence, e.g. wall only, wall with electric fence, palisade only, fence only, electric fence, 24 hour on site guarding, etc.
  • Description of communual property, e.g. paving only, combination of paving, garden and gras, etc.
  • Do you make use of garden services if applicable?
  • Do you have a caretaker?
  • Do you have a gardener/cleaner?
  • Number of trustees
  • Water meters, e.g. per unit or not